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Summer is here and the time is right for giving our Photographer Spotlight readers an in-depth look at TNR (Trap-Neuter-Return) and how photography can help to raise awareness and support for community cats.

In our Photographer Spotlight posts we introduce you to photographers who are putting their lenses to amazing use for the benefit of animal shelters, rescue groups, and animal protection nonprofits. These photographers are members of the PFA photographer registry and they share their passion, and

In our most recent blog post, you learned a bit about City of Elderly Love and their first meeting with Photographers for Animals’ volunteers, Colleen and Glenn of Do Good Photos. Today we’ll learn more about Colleen and Glenn and we’ll check in to see how they feel as their work is being shared across the Internet to help find homes for their canine and feline models. And, of course, we have some more of

A sunny sky and a roster full of foster dogs and cats pulled me out of bed earlier than usual on a recent Sunday morning. I was heading to New Britain, PA, to introduce two of my close friends, Glenn and Colleen of Do Good Photos, to one of my favorite animal welfare organizations in the Philadelphia area, City of Elderly Love. Glenn and Colleen were bursting with excitement all week as they prepared for

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