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Meet Shannon, an advocate in Delaware, Ohio who successfully lobbied her city council to change the city’s laws to protect dogs from the worst aspects of tethering. Thanks to her diligent work, the city made it illegal to tether dogs between 10:00 PM and 6:00 AM – a change that will go a long way to helping dogs lead happier and safer lives. For All Animals worked with Shannon to pass the new ordinance. After

Every few weeks, an act of cruelty against a wild animal makes the news, prompting fresh outrage from both animal advocates and people who simply respect wildlife. Most recently, a Northern California man shot and killed a deer and her fawn after they ate some of his landscaping. In South Carolina, a group of teens beat an opossum to death with a baseball bat and posted the video online evidently thinking it was humorous. These

By Kim Herbert and Liz Holtz

After reviewing animal cruelty cases in the media for the last few months, our (very) unscientific study concluded that one out of three animal cruelty cases covered by local media outlets included a quote from a law enforcement officer or an animal shelter employee asserting that it was the worst case of animal cruelty they’ve ever seen. But the truth is that these cases barely scratch the surface of the

We had a great time meeting everyone at the Animal Rights Conference 2017 - and by request, are posting our recipe for the Sweet & Salty Vegan Toffee we had at our booth (invented and made by our multi talented in house attorney, Liz Holtz.) Enjoy!


Light brown sugar - 1 cup packed

Saltine Crackers - 50 – 60 crackers

Earth Balance Baking Sticks – 1 cup

Semi-sweet Chocolate Chips – 1 cup

Oreo Cookies – 10 - 20 cookies


The practice of tail docking has gone on for so many centuries that many docking supporters incorrectly claim it’s pain-free, normal, and even beneficial to the dog. We now know this to be false, so why is it still happening?

Stay tuned for a guide to federal advocacy to be released August 2017!

In today’s political climate, you’ve probably been angered by some news story or another coming out of Washington recently. And in terms of animal protection, the last few months have been frustrating. For example, the USDA’s removal of animal welfare records, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie’s veto of a proposed ban on the sale of puppy mill pets, and Breed Discriminatory Legislation

In our last episode, er, blog post, Adam Myatt, The Cat Man of West Oakland, had just saved the day for Oakland, CA, cats by helping to create Cat Town, the first cat cafe/adoption center in the United States. Adam is a member of For All Animals' "Photographers for Animals" registry of professional and aspiring photographers. He shares his passion, and the power of images, in the service of animals in need.

Today we're going to meet some

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