Attorney at Paw

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Attorney at Paw (AAP) empowers people to advocate for animals at the local level. AAP provides guidance to advocates interested in changing laws and shelter policies in their own communities. We consult with government officials and shelters to develop positive animal control ordinances. We offer sample ordinances, consulting services and advice on working with government officials.
Attorney at Paw is not a law firm nor does it offer legal advice.

Attorney at Paw focuses on the following issues:

  • Breed Discriminatory Legislation/Pit Bull Terriers
  • Anti-tethering
  • Retail Pet Sale Bans (Puppy Mills)
  • Cat Declawing Bans
  • Community Cats/Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR)

Recent Victories

Bexley, Ohio – Breed Discriminatory Legislation

After the urging of For All Animals Director of Legislation Liz Holtz, and local groups and activist, on November 15th the city council of Bexley, Ohio voted to end the prohibition on pit bull terriers. Unfortunately, severe restrictions remain. But this is a great first step for all dogs in Bexley.

Louisiana, Missouri – Trap-Neuter-Return Ordinance

In June of 2016, an animal control officer announced his intention to trap and euthanize free-roaming cats in the town of Louisiana, Missouri. A group of dedicated advocates immediately jumped into action. First, they contacted Attorney at Paw’s Liz Holtz for guidance. Together, they worked with the mayor, officer, and council to develop a better approach to managing their community cat population. As is often the case, neither the town nor the officer wanted to use lethal methods, but they didn’t know there was an alternative.

The citizens formed a new group, the Louisiana Community Cat Coalition, to get the new TNR program going. Liz spoke with the mayor of Louisiana and reviewed the city’s current animal control ordinance. After consulting with the coalition, Liz drafted a model TNR ordinance that would accomplish the group’s long-term goals and protect cats. The city adopted the ordinance in September. Thanks to a few caring citizens and a little help from AAP, the community cats of Louisiana, MO will now be protected.

Disclaimer: Attorney at Paw is for general information purposes only and is not intended to provide legal advice. You should contact an attorney in your state for advice on specific legal issues. Attorney at Paw does not provide legal advice or services regarding any legal issues.